Welcome to Xperience

A simple insurance which does not only provide you with a cover…

….it also covers you with gifts.

An insurance which does not only offer the best solutions at the best price…
…it rewards you to stay healthy and enhance your well-being with cash prizes.

An insurance which offers discounts at various point of sales.


Xperience is made for you! Xperience insurance at its simplest.


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Xperience Loyalty & Rewards

The first dynamic rewards programme which focuses on improving members’ health, well-being and lifestyle by providing them with great discounts at various point of sales.


With Xperience Loyalty & Rewards, you can get “real” rewards on a day to day basis with the guarantee of saving money.


Below are the 7 different categories of the Xperience Loyalty & Rewards:


Improve your health by losing weight, getting fit and eating healthily

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Treat yourself to some pampering at hotels and spas

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Discounts at retail partners on everyday goods such as groceries

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Great deals on products which guarantees your security

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Everyone loves to discover new destinations, now you can with fantastic savings.

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Plan your children’s futures through education

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Special deals with Information & Communication Technology service providers

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Xperience Insurance Products


Xperience CarePlus has been designed by a team of experts to cater for your medical needs.


It is your reliable preventive care against tomorrow's urgent and unforeseen events.


With Xperience Care Plus, your medical details are accessible to you...


That's not all! By choosing Xperience CarePlus as your medical cover, you are automatically enrolled on the Xperience Loyalty & Rewards.


Through the rewards programme, you can get great discounts at various point of sales. Consult our list of partners to view all offers available on the three levels of the programme.


Enjoy full medical cover

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