10 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues...

Posted on December 9, 2016 in Wellbeing

Monday… the least favourite day of the week! It was just Friday and just like that, in the blink of an eye, we’re back to Monday!

We get it… The struggle to wake up on a Monday morning for work or school is real. 

The transition from week-end to work or school is never easy. Knowing that you have a new work or school week ahead of you can give you the Monday blues and make you wish the weekend was never over.

But luckily for you, here are a few ways you can overcome the Monday Blues:

1. Prepare for Monday in advance

Make a to-do-list for Monday on Friday so that you can enjoy your week-end a lot more and get everything in order for Monday. You can also mentally prepare yourself on Sunday evening to jump back to the weekly work routine. This will enable you to start your first day of the week with more confidence.

2. Disconnect during weekends

Avoid checking your work emails during weekends unless you really have to. You need to maintain a good balance between work and personal time. You should make the most of your week-end to fully recharge your batteries and this will make you feel more relaxed on Monday.

3. Plug in your earphones

Create a playlist with upbeat and cheerful songs and listen to it on your way to work to pump yourself up. Music can help you boost your mood and work performance on Monday mornings.

4. Get some beauty sleep

Go to bed early on Sunday nights to make sure that you’re well-rested on Monday morning. You will be able to wake up early, have a good breakfast and more time to prep yourself for work or school.

5. Add a touch of green on your desk

Grow up one or more plants on your desk as it can bring some much-needed life to your work space. Plants can lower your stress level and increase your productivity at work.

6. Show your teeth often

Smile a lot (even if it’s forced) as it will spread positive vibes around you. You know the saying “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. Smiling is actually contagious and other people can catch it like flu. The mere act of smiling can uplift people’s mood and make them feel less stressed.

7. Dress to impress

Wear your best outfit or recently purchased clothing on Monday. Looking good will you feel good about yourself and build your confidence. It will make your Monday mornings easier and less daunting.

8. Get your workspace organized

Make it a must to look after the organization of your desk or workspace. Seeing a cluttered environment and messy desk on Monday mornings can actually increase your stress levels and impact on your mood.

9. Clear your Monday schedule

Get less busy on Mondays at the office and schedule your meetings for Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Also, tackle less complicated and small tasks on Monday mornings. This will help you get back to the work routine with more ease.

10. Think about the things you’re excited about

Make a list of the few things that you really look forward to get done at work during the upcoming week on Sunday evening. Avoid focusing on the difficult and daunting tasks that are ahead of you. This will put you in a much more positive mood on Monday mornings.

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