When Should You Get Covered?

Posted on January 11, 2017 in Health

It goes without saying… A medical cover is essential if you wish to benefit from proper and quality healthcare in times of need.

Quality healthcare comes at a price and private clinic bills are very expensive. As such, it is very difficult to incur the expenses on your own. It is better to opt for health insurance and pay a monthly premium fee.

It is a wise decision to get a medical cover as from a young age even if you are enjoying a sound health. Indeed, the best time to get health insurance is when you are still young and healthy. If you are married and/or are a parent, it is recommended to get your spouse and/or child insured as well as from a young age. Health insurance gives you the possibility to add them as dependents.

You should not wait until you become really sick or have developed a medical condition to opt for health insurance. Most people fail to realise that by the time the medical condition has worsened and it will have to be treated, it will be very difficult to get insured for that treatment. The medical condition will be considered as a pre-existing one and it will not covered by most insurance companies.

Moreover, the following motivating factors encourage people to enquire about health insurance: they are either pregnant, they will require intensive treatment due to an illness, or they will have to undergo a surgery soon. For instance, although all treatment related to pregnancy is covered by most health insurance policies, a waiting period of at least 9 to 12 months is usually applicable. In order for a pregnant woman to qualify for the pregnancy cover, the person must have already joined the insurance before the waiting period is waived.

Many young people believe that since they fall rarely ill, they are well off without a medical cover. But you never know what the future has in store for you. If tomorrow you get severely injured and will have to undergo a surgery, you will still have to cater for the huge medical bills.

Moreover, the odds of being afflicted with health ailments increases with time. On top of that, the monthly premium of insurance policies usually increases as you get older and to apply for a health cover, you must present a medical report which will determine your eligibility for certain medical benefits. We note that it is becoming even more difficult for people above 45 years to get a complete health cover without exclusions.

Moral of the story: Take a preventive measure by opting for a health cover when you are healthy and may not really need it because it will come in handy against sudden medical obstacles. Also, you will be exempted from exclusions and can benefit from a full cover.

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