Why It’s Okay To Not Have Any New Year’s Resolution!

Posted on February 3, 2017 in Lifestyle

Another year has come, January has gone by in the blink of an eye and you still haven’t yet figured out your resolutions for the New Year (okay not so new since we’re already in February). Well guess what? That’s perfectly okay. You should stop beating yourself up!

We get it… A New Year usually means New Goals, New Hopes and New Resolutions. Sure, a New Year is a chance to start afresh, to make better choices, to reflect on the things you did during the previous year and learn from them. But how about you make this your New Year’s Resolution: No resolutions in 2017!

Hate to admit this but out of all those people who are so hell-bent on setting new resolutions for the New Year, only few of them can really stick to their resolutions. They either lack motivation, cannot manage their time effectively, lose interest, set un-realistic and over-ambitious resolutions or simply did not want to accomplish them in the first place.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the same resolutions as last year as you will find most probably end up in the same place or feel like you have not made much progress in your life. 

Rather than rushing forward to set resolutions for the year 2017 that you probably cannot live up to, make it an intention for this year to be absolutely present, work on yourself and know what you really want out of life. It can be starting a family, changing a career path or travelling the world. Maybe, what you really need is to find your motivation in life and all it takes is to make a lifestyle change.

Not having well-defined resolutions does not mean that you do not know where you’re headed in life. New Year’s Resolutions are merely wishes and do not really give you a sense of direction in life.

You should also stop being hard on yourself and force yourself to do things that are not really meant for you or compare yourself to others. Don’t forget that everyone has his/her own pace in life.

Once you stop putting a lot of pressure on yourself to come up with resolutions that you will probably not commit to or only want for a short period of time, you will feel free. And that’s what a New Year you should be about: A feeling of freedom and release.

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